On November 16th, 2014, Linex & Transpeed made a trip to a primary school named Phu-Khem at Kaeng-Kra-Jarn District, Petchaburi Province, to provide lunch and entertainment to students and teachers. We also donated funds and learning aids, among other things, to the school. The students, teachers, and parents all had a good time participating in the games and other entertainments in this event. The school’s representatives were so grateful to us for all we provided. It was wonderful for the Linex-BKK team to uphold our social responsibility and support this community. We are so proud to have done this.


Airspeed Group of Companies adopted a Gawad Kalinga community situated in Paranaque City. As part of this initiative, Airspeed and Linex Manila team members took part in building homes for the families, who were initially living under a bridge near SM Sucat. Linex Manila team members also volunteered in the house painting projects for the initial 10 houses that they helped build. It was a wonderful and fulfilling initiative as the volunteers were able to share their time and effort to help their less fortunate brothers and sisters.


Linex Johanesburg have made a donation to the Winter Blanket Drive, a project run by Curro Helderwyk School in Brakpan. The Winter Blanket Drive makes and purchases,through generous donations from companies, knee blankets which were donated to a local orphanage and the SAVF Home for the Aged in Boksburg. The blankets are important as they help the orphans and the elderly stay warm during the cold winter months. Over 100 blankets were delivered to the Home for the Aged alone.